Sports Facilities

Outdoor Sports Facilities 

Participation in sports brings students together, irrespective of their varying backgrounds. It opens the minds of students and makes them susceptible to new ideas. Students consciously or unconsciously let go of mental hurdles and become open to learning. Sporting activities provide mental and physical therapy for learners and rejuvenate them so that they can be in their best mental and physical condition. Besides, sports fosters the spirit of competition amongst learners and enhances the spirit of winning as the learners are driven by the spirit to win in any sport. It also teaches them sportsman spirit.

The University is committed to developing a sporting culture amidst students. The old campus of the University boosts of two dedicated fields for outdoor sports activities like football, cricket, volleyball and archery, besides a Kabaddi (Man and Women). Similarly, the second campus also has a sports field, badminton courts.

Each game has headed by a Sport officer of the university, who is responsible for regularly organizing competitions within the campus, intercollegiate competitions as well as selecting the University team for participation in State and National level sports competitions.