ICC (Sexual Harrasment at Workplace)

About ICC (Sexual Harrasment at Workplace)

The sexual harassment of women at workplace (prevention, prohibition and redressal) act 2013 is an act to provide protection against sexual harassment of women at work place. Sexual harassment results in the violation of basic fundamental rights of women such as Right to equality under article 14,15 and her right to life and live with dignity under article 21 of the constitution of India. 



1. To work towards creating an atmosphere promoting equality, non-discrimination and gender sensitivity.

2. To promote and facilitate measures to create a work environment that is free of sexual harassment. 

3. To receive and take cognizance of complaints made about sexual harassment at the university and give every complaint serious consideration. 

4. To conduct enquiries into the complaints, place findings and recommendations regarding penalties against the harasser. 


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The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 201317-05-2024View
Internal Complaints Committee25-08-2023View